Beer Impressions: Chimay Première (Red)

Trappist Monks worked hard on this for you to enjoy. Image by puamelia, flickr.

Belgium is often considered to be the Garden of Beerden. This is no doubt in part because of Bières de Chimay. They are located inside the Scoutmont Abbey, a Trappist monastery. This Chimay Première, also called “Chimay Rouge” and “Chimay Red”, is a more unique style of beer, especially in the United States. This one is a Belgian Dubbel, a type of Trappist Ale. It’s similar in style of porters, stouts, or Dark Ales, only not nearly as thick, dark or heavy, and has more spice to it.

The Impression: Delicious. It’s malty with mild hops. It’s crisp, but not light. It has a dozen subtle complexities that bounce around. It’s a little fruity and a little bitter, but neither are particularly overpowering which makes it for a nice balanced beer with great subtle flavors.

7 out of 8 Monks. I highly recommend this for beer lovers, and I would be a bit cautious recommending this to picky beer drinkers. The complexity could be a bit overpowering for someone without an acquired pallet, but those that do have it – will rejoice.

The Chimay Monks have a good thing going on, and to those that have tried their beers will find that as no surprise.

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4 Responses to Beer Impressions: Chimay Première (Red)

  1. Matt Daddy says:

    Is this like a lot of Belguim’s that have the dry woody flavor like a white beer? What type of beer would you compare it to?

    • Joe S says:

      Dry, yes. Woody? I wouldn’t use that word to describe it. It’s the same style as Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey and Le Pelican Brun from Pelican Brewery.

      Other types of beer… It’s not really a good description, but the best I can come up with is it is like a mix of Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and Bridgeport Kingpin.

      • Matt Daddy says:

        Dead Guy and Kingpin? That’s an interesting mix. So it’s not bland like most Belgiums (in my opinion) and has a bite to it.

        P.S. What I’m drinking right now is Twilight.

      • Joe S says:

        Boring is not a word I would use for this this beer at all.

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