Beer Impressions: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

This is not your typical Irish Stout export. But you can see that they are related. Image by puamelia, flickr.

Everyone has heard of Guinness. The popular Irish import is a religion for some, and the hatred of others. For me, it was my gateway beer. Today, I just find it to be an okay beer. I had their 250th Anniversary Stout a couple years ago, and it was a bit better. But looking at various forums and beer editorials, this brewery’s apex brew is their Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. To my delight, it was being served at my local Old Chicago restaurant.

The Impression: Silky smooth and apparent roasted malts. A bit smokey too. This is like a mud bath for your tongue. I’ve got to agree, this is both a great beer, and the best beer I’ve had from Guinness.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for places that sell this. From what I’ve researched, it’s apparently only been in the United States for a few months, while other countries have been enjoying it for a few years.

6 out of 8 whatevers. I’ll be honest, I expected this to only be slightly better than Guinness or Guinness Extra Stout. This was quite a bit better than either.

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