Beer Impressions: Double Take Amber Ale

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“It’s a head snapper” is plastered all over the bottle of this Rochester New York brewed Ale. I haven’t ever had anything from this brewery, nor have I even heard of it. That’s in large part why I purchased it. I’ve been on the hunt for a new decent Amber Ale for a while. I’m hoping this one might rescue me. I’m a bit turned off by the old school watermark of “Genuine Craft Ale BREWED in the USA”.

The Impression: The first thing that happens before I even drink it is that it smells a little like PBR. I decided to take another big whiff just to be sure, and there is a definite PBR smell with an additional waft of a more traditional Amber Ale scent.

Not too bad. I wouldn’t call it a “head snapper”. A very roasted malt flavor. It has some bitter chocolate aftertaste that eventually just kind of leaves a bitter flavor in my mouth. It also doesn’t really set well on my pallet.

3 out of 8 snapped heads.¬†Compared to other amber ales that I’ve had, this is subpar, but it didn’t make me want to throw it out the door either.

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